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Do you want to know how to self soothe, but don't know where to begin?  Are you curious about mindfulness, but feel you need coaching?  Are you wishing to tap into the wisdom of our body as you move through challenges, grief, sorrow, confusion?  The Alexander Technique is a unique mind/body experience that nurtures peace within.  It is a practical method of self-care, easily learned and wonderfully restorative.

The Alexander Technique teaches gentle body awareness practices that promote calm, peace and healing.  Similar to a massage, an Alexander session may help relieve muscular stress.  During sessions, participants receive light touch and soothing verbal instructions that support the body's systems, loosen tension and encourage a sense of ease and hope.  

 Alexander Technique

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Sara Maynard Sommers, BA, MS,

 is certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique and has over 10 years of experience shring this wonderful practice with individuals and groups.  With a BA from the College of William and Mary and MS from Boston University, she is also certified in Pastoral Care, Ergonomics and trained in Mindfulness.  Sensitive to your physical and emotional needs, Sara helps you listen to you body and your desires for wellness. 

Contact Sara Sommers directly to set up your appointment.  (804) 389-3340; sarasommers@comcast.net



   1 HOUR:  $65          1/2 HOUR:  $45          15 MINUTES:  $20  

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Consider the Alexander Technique as a complement to your healing services.