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Pamela Harmata, L.C.S.W.,

has over 12 years of experience in working with adults, teens and couples to manage issues such as depression, anger, anxieties, conflict and the effects of trauma.  She also brings expertise in working with parents concerning the impact of divorce and custody issues on children as well as experience in adoption and adoption searches.

To schedule with Pam Harmata, call (804) 303-9622 or email:

Rebecca Jacobson, MA, ATR

Becky earned a Masters in Art Therapy with Counseling from George Washington University and a degree in Therapeutic Massage from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in Auckland, New Zealand.  In addition, she completed Yoga Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga. Currently, she is a Resident in training to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.  She has practiced in hospice and mental health programs locally and internationally.  She combines her skills and practices as a registered art therapist, licensed massage therapist and yoga teacher to support those facing grief and loss, life transitions, trauma and a wide variety of stresses and strains, both emotional and physical. 

To schedule with Becky call (804)303-9622 or email bjacobson@zoetherapyservices.com

Cheryl Desvernine, L.P.C., M.A.C.

has been providing individual, group and family counseling services to adults, adolescents and families struggling with mental health issues including ADD/ADHD and anxiety, autism spectrum, substance abuse and addiction for over 20 years.  She offers neurofeedback services in addition to psychotherapy.  As a Clinical Supervisor, she mentors new clinicians in the field of professional counseling.
To schedule with Cheryl, call (804) 303-9622 or e

Melissa Futreal, LCSW

first discovered her passion for helping others while working in a Military Substance Abuse Counseling program serving as an active duty Marine in 1991.  Althought she is a Virginia born native, she has since gained experience in a variety of settings both locally and internationally.  She now treats most disorders (depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, ADD, etc.) in adults, children, couples and families.  She uses proven evidence based treatment approaches including CBT, PET, CPT, DBT, EFT, non-directive play therapy, yoga and acupuncture to treat people holistically and effectively.  She is eager to help people reach their goals, however they define success in life.

To schedule with Melissa, call (804)303-9622 or email her at mfutreal@zoetherapyservices.com 


Yvonne Campbell, LCSW

Our founder, has more than 25 years of mental health experience and special studies in spiritual psychology.
After counseling children, adolescents, adults and families through a Community Services Board, in private practice, as Director of Social Work at a

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Lynne Szewczyk, LPC, CHC

has been helping clients since 1995.  She brings experience in health coaching, transcendental meditation and professional counseling to her clients.  She is skillful with anxiety and mood disorders, life transitions, and supporting clients in a variety of health related concerns including weight management and smoking cessation. She works closely with our nurse practitioner to support clients in taking charge of their health and happiness.

To schedule with Lynne, please call (804)303-9622 or email: lszewczyk@zoetherapyservices.com.

psychiatric hospital and as Director of Therapeutic Services at a residential treatment center for adolescents, Yvonne decided to create a wellness center for counseling, psychotherapy and other healing modalities for men, women and children which uniquely meets the needs of today's busy families by offering tele-mental health services and complementary therapies in addition to traditional services.

Yvonne is a member of NASW and guides the professional development of other clinicians as a Clinical Supervisor through the Board of Health Professions.

To schedule with Yvonne, contact her via phone or text (804)356-6992 or email: