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W Randall Dunning, CH SH

Mr. Dunning is passionate about helping people achieve their optimum productivity and performance. He has significant personal experience with the stresses (both positive and negative) of the workplace as well as with athletic endeavors. His 25+ years in the highly competitive investment banking industry provided an abundance of opportunities to explore various stress management techniques and productivity enhancers. Early on, he determined that hypnosis was the most effective modality for him, incorporating it into his life almost 30 years ago. Athletic competition has been a major part of his life from the time he first crossed home plate. He is very familiar with the unique stress experienced by athletes, having studied it and experienced it himself for many years, in a variety of sports, including at the collegiate level. He believes that mental strength and conditioning is just as important as the physical version. Eventually he came to the realization that the primary focus of performance should not be competing against others but rather to fully develop one’s capabilities and talents to the highest level possible for them, whether in the business world, an athletic venue or on the stage and screen. He believes one of the most satisfying achievements is breaking through self-imposed mental barriers.

 Mr. Dunning is a certified hypnotist with Advanced Certification and holds a specialty certification in Sports Performance Hypnosis and advanced training in Golf Performance Hypnosis. He was trained in hypnosis by the American School of Hypnosis and the Spenser Institute, and certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists, the American International Association of Hypnosis and The National Exercise & Sports Trainer Association. He is also a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming and TimeLine Coaching practitioner. In addition to sports specific, corporate stress reduction and performing arts assistance, he offers general hypnosis services for a variety of challenges, such as, General Anxiety, Phobias, Test Apprehension, Excess Fat Loss and Negative Habits Cessation. Mr. Dunning is a graduate of the University of Memphis.


Mental Performance Enhancement

Discover. Practice. Thrive.


There are a multitude of ways an individual can use the mental training techniques, such as hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), I employ to improve various aspects of their life. I once saw a list of 150 areas of focus that could be addressed with hypnosis alone. However, I prefer to use a more concise list, which should give you a general understanding of the categories I address.

◾Enhance Sports Performance                                

◾Elevate Stage & Screen Performance

◾     Boost Artistic Expression           

◾     Heighten Creativity
◾Reduce Negative Stress & Anxiety     

◾Increase Productivity
◾Develop Self Confidence     

◾Heighten Concentration
◾Strengthen Academic Performance     

◾     Aid Memory Retention
◾Lose Unhealthy or Unnecessary Fat     

◾Eradicate Irrational Fears
◾Improve Sleep     

◾Eliminate Harmful Habits
◾     Stop self-defeating behaviors and attitudes     

◾     End Procrastination
◾Diminish pain and enhance healing (with your physician’s approval)
◾Ease anxiety before an operation and other medical or dental procedures