neurofeedback and adhd

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What is Neurofeedback?

Simply put, it is a three step brain training process.  One practitioner described it as "clean the brain, calm the brain, then optimize the brain." 

     Our brains are composed of over a billion neurons (brain cells).  Our brains perform tasks by forming pathways and communicating with electrical signals, or brain waves.  Brainwaves occur at various frequencies.  When these brainwaves are not functioning optimally, people struggle with a wide range of symptoms, such as migraine, poor impulse control, emotional dysregulation, poor sleep, impaired concentration, poor memory or difficulty learning. Neurofeedback helps a person retrain these brainwaves to optimize their functioning.

   Neurofeedback encourages specific areas of the brain to speed up or slow down as needed, essentially stabilizing brain activity.  Neurofeedback training encourages flexible and adaptive brain wave communication that results in the experience of moving more smoothly from one state of arousal to another.  Eventually, no more training is required to maintain these improvements!  

Who does it help?

Neurofeedback is utilized to treat ADHD, alcoholism, addiction, anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, cognitive decline in the elderly, autism, trauma, traumatic brain injury and more.  Athletes and scholars use it to improve memory, concentration and peak performance. 

We like to compare it to braces on the teeth.  It is an alternative to medication and an investment of time and money but the results are more permanent and long lasting.

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  • Brain Brightening!

  • Recognized by American Academy of Pediatrics as clinically effective for ADD/ADHD
  • Clinically proven effective for anxiety, insomnia, depression, addiction, autism, Tourette's syndrome, memory problems and more.
  • Clinically proven to decrease episodes of anger, increase mental alertness, improve task concentration and accelerate learning.

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