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​Psychological Testing


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   Chad Houchin, Psy.D., LCP.

Dr. Houchin earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Colorado State University.  He completed a Master of Arts in Philosophy & Ethics from Biola University.  He earned a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology from George Fox University.  He has worked as an adjunct professor at Bethel University and Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.  He has provided counseling, evaluation, testing and assessment services at a university counseling center, a veterans center, and several outpatient clinics.  Dr. Houchin works with other professionals to provide diagnostic clarification.  He has extensive experience working with people with various medical conditions that affect psychological functioning. He has a special interest in working with people who are considering weight loss surgery to ensure they are prepared to meet the challenges of surgery. 

If you would like to schedule with Dr. Houchin, please call (804) 303-9622. 


  • Comprehensive psychological evaluations, which include DSM -V screening
  • IQ/cognitive testing
  • ADHD and executive functioning evaluations
  • bariatric/gastric pre-surgery evaluations
  • personality testing
  • trauma scales
  • autism spectrum and related sensory issue screening
  • career aptitude testing
  • first responder evaluations